Born Joshua John Sandy, was born in Ohio in 2005.

Joshua is an award winning singer/songwriter from Ohio whose passion for the guitar started when he was 2 yrs and got up on stage to play with his grandpa. Although it was only a fake guitar, it began his love for music. He plays the guitar, saxophone, piano, and ukulele. His love and passion for music is what has helped him overcome the challenges in his life.  Now he wants nothing more than to share his gift with the world and has realized that music unites everyone from all walks of life.

Joshua was recently approached by Naomi Nye. A poet, songwriter, and novelist. She invited Joshua to be part of the “Summit” on the THN Network, October 23rd, part of the Nye Nation.

August 2020, Joshua was discovered by a senior casting producer in California and is now in contact weekly as she is coaching him and preparing Joshua for a casting call with the national network, NBC.

Past events include, stage performances at the Pumpkin Show, a Night to Shine and street performances on the Short North, North High street, Columbus. He played regularly at Gibby’s Bar and Grille on the second and forth Wednesday of every month. Two Truths Cocktail bar in Columbus and performances by invitation from his local downtown business association.

Posted by Music.joshua on Friday, September 4, 2020